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Transform challenges into opportunities today. May your beautiful journey of self-discovery begin.

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Two-month residential programme for young adults starting out their careers

The young adult finishing programme offers training in etiquette and skills critical to modern life. It provides professionals and amateurs a two-month detox from the average routine and facilitates self-evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Students learn to adeptly transform challenges into opportunities for growth, grace, and beauty. The curriculum is focused on social, behavioral, and communication expertise while utilizing time optimally.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Master the art of public speaking and best presentation practices

Effective communication

Enhance your ability to communicate with a polite and business-like manner

Dining etiquette

Get a practical and theoretical understanding of international and region-specific dining styles

Social & business etiquette

Learn genderless business etiquette and social mannerisms that define your professional image

Deportment & grooming

Acquire the basic skills to care for your personal appearance to have a positive impact on your social engagements

Fashion basics, styling, & designing

Build a well-balanced wardrobe, designing aesthetics, style formats, and personal qualities to pursue your vocational interests


Practice makeup artistry with a state-of-the-art facility, a wide range of products, and influential industry experts

Home & time management

Skillfully manage your time, home, and other collateral valuable aspects of life

Food & Beverage - Production & Service

Learn the general standards for the production and service of food and beverage in the hospitality sector

Career guidance

Discover and play your strengths, hone your aptitude, and receive career counseling in the right direction


Understand what it takes to be an effectual manager and how the alignment of practical systems with ambitious goals works

Entrepreneurial skills

Develop the entrepreneurial spirit and mind frame to compete in the industry with maximum effect

Marriage counseling (for brides-to-be)

Gender-specific training in bridal grooming and home management

Art & Craft

Develop a flair for painting, sculpting, Japanese Gift Wrapping, Creative Art and Glitter Rangoli

Table styling

harm your family and guests with your elegant table spread styling

Finance management

Learn how to calculate, exercise, and manage money flow with ease and comfort

Computer skills

Equip yourself with electronic etiquette and netiquette


Upskill yourself in wellness management, self-management, behavior management, and maintaining effective work-life balance, and relationship management

Dressing according to body type

Appreciate how different dressing styles are better suited for certain body types and how to nurture one’s sense of dressing appropriately

Fitness & Workouts

Get trained by industry experts in Zumba, Yoga, self-defense, sports, and swimming

Art & Craft

Develop a flair for painting, sculpting, Japanese gift wrapping, creative art, and glitter rangoli

Doctor's Sessions

Get professional advice and one to one consultations from renowned a Dietician, a Dermatologist, and a First Aid Expert


For Information regarding dates contact us at 9303773730.


2 Months

Admission criteria:

A telephone interview and video conferencing for final selection

Certificates from Institutes of Repute:

Merit Certificate Course Completion Certificate Certificate in "Fashion & Styling" from professional celebrity stylist Ms. Mitali Ambekar Internationally recognized Makeup & Hairstyle Certificate by Cherag Bambboat & Team Magical Makeovers Etiquette & Grooming Certificate by Ms. Neha Malhotra Culinary Training Certificate from Chef Jatin Khurana Culinary Training Certificate from Chef Nita Mehta

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School Contact Info

N.H. Goel Finishing School
#1810 - Campus Way NE,
Naradha Post,
Near Vidhan Sabha,

+91-93037 73730


Who is it for?
  • This is for youngsters who wish to make productive use of limited time to competently integrate grooming, social graces, and business communication into their personal and professional lives.
Celebrity faculty in this course:
  • Mr. Cherag Bambboat - Makeup and Hair
  • Ms. Neha Malhotra - Grooming & Etiquette
  • Ms. Mitali Ambekar - Fashion & styling
  • Ms. Nita Mehta - Food & Beverage
  • Mr. Jatin Khurana- Food & Beverage