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Residential or non-residential training for women

Exclusively for women, this programme is an accelerated course that provides all the tools and techniques to portray a contemporary lifestyle etiquette and a stylish personal image that stands true to your roles and goals in life.



This is an intensive assessment of personal grooming and care that is customized to specific needs and wishes

Public Speaking

Practice speaking with confidence, style, and sophistication in public

Effective communication in English

Learn interpersonal skills and communication with respect, empathy, and trust

Fine Dining & Tea Etiquette

Practice the traditions of formal, multi-cuisine dining, learn elaborate protocols and procedures in theory


Assess your personal style and create a personal presence and personality with the elegance of posture and gait while you sit, walk, climb, etc

Fashion Basics, Styling & Designing

Learn the art of choosing the right garment styles according to body type and the proper accessories according to one’s contours and skin tone

Beauty Therapy & Makeup

Level up your beauty routine so you can glow from the inside-out and outside-in

Food & Beverage

Educate yourself on different food and beverage classifications and international hospitality menu terminology, production, and service protocols

Learn to make different cuisines like Indian , Italian, Chinese, etc and food plating according to international standards


Revisit your lifestyle, expectation, and requirement grooming style and find your unique persona that fulfills them all

Table Styling

Take a practical tour of tips for the hostess, a lesson in the correct usage of cutlery and dining ware, and the incorporation of elegant themes for different occasions


Learn to accessorize on-point, ahead of schedule, and with a style that turns heads

Fitness activities

Understand physical poise, discipline, and fitness with lessons in swimming, Yoga, Zumba, and sports

Computer skills

Nurture electronic etiquette and netiquette to stay ahead of dynamic modern times

Home & Time Management

Balance your time and energy to suit your home requirements and comfort

Art of Dressing

Appreciate the art of complementing dressing style with one’s personality, body type, and the need for the occasion

Entrepreneurial Skill

Develop entrepreneurial expertise that will sustain a business project you’re ambitious about

Counseling Sessions

Take counseling and mentorship advice on the guiding principles of a happy married life

Art & Craft

Entertain your creative style with skillful mastery over sculpting, painting, glitter rangoli, etc

First-aid & Basic Medical Sessions

Learn how to give immediate assistance to someone in the middle of a medical emergency


For Information regarding dates contact us at 7773801234.


1 Month

Certificates from Institutes of Repute:

Merit Certificate Course Completion Certificate Internationally recognized Makeup & Hairstyle Certificate by Cherag Bambboat & Team Magical Makeovers Etiquette & Grooming Certificate by Ms. Neha Malhotra Culinary Training Certificate from Chef Jatin Khurana

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School Contact Info

N.H. Goel Finishing School
#1810 - Campus Way NE,
Naradha Post,
Near Vidhan Sabha,

+91-77738 01234


Celebrity faculty in this course:
  • Mr. Cherag Bambboat - Makeup & Hair
  • Ms. Neha Malhotra - Grooming & Etiquette
  • Chef Jatin Khurana - Food & Beverage