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The proper guide to your personal and professional grooming

This advanced programme is an intensive and holistic course that incorporates the A to Z of all the finer things of life. The curriculum is designed by industry experts who seasoned and in vogue with the times. It equips an individual with a comprehensive sense of international protocol and etiquette. Everyone has a university degree but to be cultured according to global standards, makes a difference.


Personality Development & Image Management

Learn interpersonal skills and body language

Conflict management and the art of assertiveness

Draw useful insights from emotional intelligence analysis

Analyze your personal grooming and professional wardrobe

Develop your personal style

Public Speaking & Presentations

Practice extempore and proper diction

Prepare smart PPTs and learn to present them in an impactful manner

Effective Communication

Speak business English fluently

Learn to gauge different personalities types and communicate accordingly

Understand the art of socializing, small talk, and other conversational skills

Perceive universal values while maintaining a polite and a business-like demeanor


Learn a foreign language and add more value to your resume and career prospects

Dining Etiquette

Acquire an appreciation for cuisines from around the world in both theory and practice

Social & Business Etiquette

Acquire the practice of social graces, party etiquette

Develop magnetic leadership skills and etiquette

Master interview etiquette and presentation forte


Perfect the art of maintaining the correct posture and graceful gait while sitting, standing, and walking

Carry your unique elegance in a ladylike manner while entering or alighting from a car or ascending and descending a staircase

Fashion Basics & Styling

Perfect the art of dressing and styling

Understand body shapes, accessorizing, power dressing

Revive your personal wardrobe with exposure to various garment styles, capsule wardrobe

Fashion Designing

Start with the basics of merchandising

Move on to the intricacies of designing, and styling

Discover the science and art of fashion marketing


Pull-off makeup styles from basic to nude, to the extra party or workday look

Study eye makeup techniques, hair styling, and care that matches the facial structure and contours

Learn how to give personalized hair and makeup consultations


Learn to take care of the skin, complexion, hair, scalp

Pick up tips for regular personal care

Traditional and trendy saree draping styles and ways to drape a saree creatively

Home & Time Management

Discover the subtle art of housekeeping, home maintenance, gift wrapping, meal planning, cooking, basic stitching skills, tailoring

Change Management

Learn to gracefully adapt with transitions/transformations

Gain the confidence to facilitate other people to adapt to changing circumstances

Food and Beverage

Get broad insights on a variety of cuisines like Continental, Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Italian

Nurture your culinary skill at cooking, baking, making desserts, tossing salads, brewing soups

Learn a variety of napkin folding styles, the appropriate usage of glassware, cutlery, and crockery

Pre - Marital, Marital, And Parental Counselling

Create the right impression in the new home and family

Ace the art of being both a good hostess or guest

Understand the nuances of a romantic relationship, learn marriage etiquette, cultivate attitude management with finesse

Fitness & Workouts

Get trained by industry experts in Zumba, Yoga, self-defense, sports, and swimming

Art & Craft

Develop a flair for painting, sculpting, Japanese Gift Wrapping

Learn graphic painting and paper-bag making

Doctor's Sessions

Get professional advice and one to one consultations from renowned a Dietician, a Dermatologist, and a First Aid Expert


Develop the aptitude for wellness management, self- management, behavior management, maintaining effective work-life balance, and relationship management

Computer Sessions

Basic and Advanced Computer skills


For Information regarding dates contact us at 9303773730.


4 months

Admission criteria:

A telephone interview and video conferencing for final selection

Certificates from institutes of repute:

Merit Certificate Course Completion Certificate Certificate in "Fashion & Styling" from professional celebrity stylist Ms. Mitali Ambekar Culinary Training Certificate by City & Guilds Internationally recognized Makeup & Hairstyle Certificate by Cherag Bambboat & Team Magical Makeovers Etiquette & Grooming Certificate by Ms. Neha Malhotra Certificate in Diploma in Fashion Designing by Cadence Academy Culinary Training Certificate from Chef Jatin Khurana Culinary Training Certificate from Chef Nita Mehta Business English Certificate from Cambridge University Trauma Management by Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) Self Defence by KAI & WKF

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School Contact Info

N.H. Goel Finishing School
Post: Naradha,
Near Vidhan Sabha,

+91-93037 73730


Who is it for?
  • People seeking a professional and personal life balance
  • Professionals who wish to enhance their career life
  • Ladies looking for exposure in a different field
  • Amateurs want to develop a personal and professional image
  • For all ladies who wish to be empowered, bloom to their fullest potential, and have the secret ingredient to the life of their dreams
Celebrity faculty in this course:
  • Mr. Cherag Bambboat - Makeup & Hair
  • Ms. Neha Malhotra - Grooming & Etiquette
  • Ms. Mitali Ambekar - Fashion & Styling
  • Ms Nita Mehta - Food & Beverage
  • Mr. Jatin Khurana- Food & Beverage