Job-Ready Programme for Men & Women

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A short-term programme for Men & Women who want a head-start in their careers and increase employability

The Job-Ready Programme includes:



Assess employment-based communication requirements, and play to your personal brand

Social & Business Etiquette

Acquire social and business appropriateness in specific contexts that aligned with your personal brand


Learn effective body language, how to sit, stand, and walk while you add value to your personal presence

Presentation, Interview, & Group Discussion Skills

Learn the art of understanding your target audience, gauging the atmosphere, and communicating with impact during presentations, interviews, and group discussions

Time Management

Pilot your time in a streamlined manner and make room for course corrections when to-do items become irrelevant

Team Work

Foster team spirit, inclusivity in diversity, and disagreement management

Fine Dining & Tea Etiquette

Polish your dining etiquette and add value to your social and business interactions


Refine your personal style and presence with regular and optimal self-care

Fashion & Styling

Strike a balance between fashion and comfort in dressing sense, ambiance aesthetic, and personal styling

Dressing according to body-type

Appreciate how different dressing styles are better suited for certain body types and how to nurture one’s sense of dressing appropriately


Upskill yourself in wellness management, self-management, behavior management, and maintaining effective work-life balance, and relationship management

First Aid & Medical Sessions

Get professional advice and one to one consultations for immediate assistance given to any person suffering from a minor injury

Finance Management

Learn the most important aspect of starting or running a successful business by learning to plan, organize , control and monitor financial resources

Computer Skills

Basic computer skills important for today’s lifestyle

Basic Food & Beverage Training

Educate yourself on different food and beverage classifications and international hospitality menu terminology, production, and service protocols


For Information regarding dates contact us at 9303773730.


1 Month

Admission criteria:

A telephone interview and video conferencing for final selection

Certificates from Institutes of Repute:

Merit Certificate Course Completion Certificate Internationally recognized Makeup & Hairstyle Certificate by Cherag Bambboat & Team Magical Makeovers Etiquette & Grooming Certificate by Ms. Neha Malhotra

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School Contact Info

N.H. Goel Finishing School
#1810 - Campus Way NE,
Naradha Post,
Near Vidhan Sabha,

+91-93037 73730


Who is it for?
  • People who are time-constrained and would like to learn at an accelerated pace
  • Anyone who wants to bundle up their accomplishments beyond the static resume to build a refreshed image
Celebrity faculty in this course:
  • Mr. Cherag Bambboat - Makeup & Hair
  • Ms. Neha Malhotra - Grooming & Etiquette