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The proper guide to your personal and professional grooming.

We at NHGFS are conscious of your need to maintain confidentiality. Private Grooming & Transformation Programme offers you private coaching which is both flexible and sensitive to your personal discretion. The session begins with a comprehensive personality analysis conducted under expert supervision. The test gauges the results in light of your personal goals and lifestyle requisites. The veteran then contours the programme uniquely for you.


The programs are conducted and custom-made from start to finish. However, the topics below give you a brief understanding of the topics we cover:


Assess employment-based communication requirements, and play to your personal brand

Social & Business Etiquette

Acquire social and business appropriateness in specific contexts that aligned with your personal brand

Fine Dining & Tea Etiquette

Practice the traditions of formal, multi-cuisine dining, learn elaborate protocols and procedures in theory


Take care of the skin, complexion, hair, scalp, according to your uniques needs and learn how to dress luxe based on your body-type

Fashion & Styling

Build a well-balanced wardrobe, designing aesthetics, style formats, and personal qualities to pursue your vocational interests

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Who is it for?
  • People seeking a professional and personal life balance
  • Professionals who wish to enhance their career life
  • Ladies looking for exposure in a different field
  • Amateurs want to develop a personal and professional image
  • For all ladies who wish to be empowered, bloom to their fullest potential, and have the secret ingredient to the life of their dreams