Finishing School is a lesser-known concept in India but it is the need of the hour now. An individual who has undergone a finishing course in a professional finishing school can achieve more in less time.

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What is finishing school

Civil society will always have room for improvement in style, mannerisms, and etiquette. As Theodore Roosevelt pointed, ‘Politeness is a sign of dignity,’ training from a finishing school represents a class that pervades business, social, and cultural realms across the world.

Conventional Swiss and European finishing schools of the past provided young ladies with a foundational education in aspects of social etiquette, traditional roles of women in households, and a refined appreciation for politeness. Women today have moved from the hearth to the outdoors, and the concept has evolved to include business-speak, personality enhancement, and cultural excellence for both women and men.

Etiquette education at NHGFS

We empower individuals with education in social graces, business etiquette, and image enhancement with both national and international certifications Our panel of celebrity faculty are very accomplished in their respective domains of expertise. Find out more here.

NHGFS is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission, education, and employment of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities. We affirmatively seek to attract faculty, staff, and student body of qualified persons from diverse backgrounds.

Various Courses Options

Personal & Professional Grooming Programme

Young-Adult Finishing Programme

Instant Grooming Programme

Job-ready Programme for Men & Women

Private Grooming & Transformation Programme


Who is it for?

The programs at N.H. Goel Finishing School is tailor-made for different clients. Who can sign up?

Ambitious graduates setting out on their career paths

Young ladies who need bridal grooming

Corporate executives and professionals

Anyone who aspires to be their best version (both personal and professional)

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