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Culinary Fest:

Students are taught a different cuisine each week of their program. It ends with a meticulously organised Culinary Fest by and for the students. Each student is assigned a specific cuisine and tradition to showcase their know-how and skill. Games, quizzes and other events are planned for a deep plunge into multiple ethnicities and cultures.

Styling Competition :

Each 2-month or 6-month batch student pick a theme (e.g. Indo-Western, a Sunday brunch, etc.) after their program. They apply all they have learned in a creatively systematic fashion. You'll be surprised by how much there is to learn.

Makeup & Hairstyling Competition

Each program ends with makeup & hairstyle competition bash. Trained students get to color their passion. Best turn-outs win.

Saree Draping Competition :

2-month and 6-month batch students have a Saree Draping Talent Show. The event features different styles of draping the traditional garment according to different cultures, cloth material, textures, and lengths.

Public Speaking Competition :

Each student is assigned a topic. There enough time to prepare for a speech and overcome any inhibitions. They deliver some of the most phenomenal speeches on the day of the competition.

Chopstick Holding Competition:

Students show-off how they pick up the littlest of food morsels with a pair of chopsticks. The most skillful chopstick diner wins.

Napkin Folding Competition :

The students display their craftsmanship with napkins. They fold dining napkins into swans, roses,cupcakes and, well, you get the idea. Their craftsmanship makes the dining experience a delightful experience.

Table Styling Competition:

Students are assigned different cultural themes of table styling. Prepare to be impressed, they also playto the occasion and know how to lay the table out for different functions and festivities.