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It’s a pleasure to have you visit. If you’re new to NHGFS, here is some basic information to help you get started. Created by the N.H. Goel Institution, we pose questions that intertwine the personal and professional brand image.

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The Application Process

The process is simple and streamlined.


Course Briefing

The admission coordinator briefs you about the features of the entire course. For example, if you're interested in fashion or in grooming, you may discuss these sessions at length.


Course Selection

Based on how much time, effort and resources you wish to invest in the best version of yourself, you may choose your course, batch, duration, and dates.



You'll have a brief interview through a WhatsApp video call with the Principal, Ms. Vandana Changani.



Registration for the course- For 1 Month and 2 Month Programme, Registration amount is Rs. 20,000 only and for 6 Months Programme, Registration is Rs. 50,000 only. The registration fee is non-refundable and is part of the admission fee. The seat cannot be blocked for any batches without registration.



All payment dues are to be settled 15 days before the beginning of the program.


Student Mahanya Mookhey shared her experience at NHGFS

Former Miss World Yukta Mookhey’s niece, Mahanya Mookhey, testifies to her empowering experience at N.H. Goel Finishing School.

Watch now!


Things To Know First

After you’ve signed up and the formalities are done, you’ll receive a welcome email with the Registration Booklet, a Pre-Evaluation Form and a Requirement List. Please fill them out and send them with the rest of the admission fee.

  • The registration fee is non-refundable and is part of the admission fee. The registration fee is to be paid by bank transfer or by cash.
  • You’ll find important information in the Hostel Handbook and a list of items to be brought for each department according to curriculum activities and learning.
  • The students report on the day and time mentioned for the start of each programme.

Admission Criteria

You may apply directly to the finishing school course of your choice. Admission is confirmed after a personal or telephone interview. The interview gauges the aptitude of candidates for specific programs, and check for discipline and enthusiasm which are fundamental to life at NHGFS It also helps us to work with the students based on their unique requirements.

Age Eligibility

Some people’s careers take off, while others’ take longer. We are flexible with our offering to make sure we’re sensitive to individual requirements. The applicant can be anywhere between 16 and 60 years of age.

Enquire for a course

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