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Nationally and internationally certified finishing school. Accomplished experts on the panel to coach professionals, amateurs, ladies and gentlemen in etiquette, conversation, and manners.

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About N.H. Goel
Finishing School

Learn. Groom. Empower.

Established in 2018 by The Goel Family, our mission is to raise a generation of strong yet gentle individuals who are well-equipped with grace and discipline to treat success and learning alike.

It began with a yearning to develop a platform that recognizes talent and provides it sufficient opportunity to develop practical skills in personal presentation and professional image building. We discovered this pool of talent in Chhattisgarh where there are individuals of high potential with sharp intellect who needed some training in societal etiquette to compete in the modern world. There was no such facility that went the extra mile after a basic school or college education. This was a real thought starter.

N.H. Goel has primarily been into the steel business. But our great grandfather, Shri Hari Ram Goel Ji, had articulated his desire to give back to society. He particularly wished to create a world-class education and grooming facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our mission is to engage professionals and amateurs in self-management, personal grooming, and etiquette education.

Statistics show that the educated youth in Chhattisgarh prefers to migrate in search of more ambitious career opportunities. We wanted to change such key elements in the career ecosystem.


Ms. Pallavi Goel, founder of N.H. Goel Finishing School, firmly believes that a sense of purpose makes one’s life worthwhile. And one way to empower India’s youth, more specifically women, is by giving them a headstart with a world-class finishing experience that brings out the best in them. Her aim is to contribute to the transformation process of every ambitious young lady to be guided into the best version of herself. “This is my ultimate IKIGAI or reason for being,” says Ms. Pallavi Goel.


Why the N.H. Goel finishing touch?

Empowered individuals are better equipped to pursue ambitious careers having enhanced their personality.

Our facility aspires to add immense value to society and whatever we do bears a mandate to have a high social impact. We aspire to expose our students to a variety of career options so they can optimize their career. We hope to create individuals who are outliers and masters in their niche. We hope to inculcate sophisticated cultural traits in students so they are future-ready and have an edge over their peers in their respective professional realms.



  • We are the first and only finishing school in Central India with best-in-class infrastructure.
  • We promise cream of the crop faculty consisting of doctors, trainers, motivational speakers from across India.
  • We deliver a comprehensive curriculum that top-experts have meticulously put together.
  • We provide a vibrant environment that nurtures creative thinking and emotional intelligence.


Students at N.H. Goel Finishing School hail from over 12+ states across India. Parents trust us. And students have succeeded at completing both residential and nonresidential programs and certifications. They have unprecedented opportunities and are on their way to their dream careers.

  • Ms._Deepa_Agrawal

    Training at NHGFS has helped me land a brilliant internship opportunity with celebrity fashion stylist, Ms. Mittali Ambedkar in Mumbai.

    — Ms. Deepa Choudary ,
    Jharsuguda, Orissa
  • Ms._Anjali_Kothari

    NHGFS has given me the ability to pursue my passion with smart practicality. I’ve been privileged to start an image consulting and personality development venture and live my entrepreneurship dream.

    — Ms. Anjali Kothari,
    Durg, Chattisgarh
  • Ms._Mitali_Garg

    I’ve been empowered to pay forward my education at NHGFS. I coach many professionals and students in personality development, etiquette, presentation, and skincare today.

    — Ms. Mittali Garg,
    Kharsiya, Chhattisgarh
  • Ms._Nandani_Dangayach_iaimze

    I stand to gain plenty after my education at NHGFS… it has helped me land a great internship opportunity at Lynn Hazan & Associates, Chicago.

    — Ms. Nandani Dangayach,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra